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Planned, Prepared, Peace of Mind We empower successful business owners, executives, and retirees to focus and experience lives of significance Enjoy our no pressure, service excellence Benefit from our client centered, truly independent insurance and investment platform

Planned, Prepared, Peace of Mind

Welcome! Landmark Financial Services, LLC helps successful business owners, executives and retirees focus and experience lives of significance. LMFS, LLC specializes in tailor fitted Executive and Employee Benefits Planning.

Would you like to live your desired life by design, not a life by default? You can. Allow us to help you to design and monitor the future you envision.

For 26 years we have been privileged to have enduring business relationships with a wide variety of business owners and their key employees. Many are healthcare professionals (Physicians, Dentists, Veterinarians, Pharmacists, Podiatrists, Physical Therapists, Nurses, Chiropractors,...). They greatly value our professional guidance on 1) Individual and Group "Own-Occupation / Own-Specialty" Disability Income Protection, 2) Extended Care / Long-Term Care Planning, 3)  Life Insurance -for Personal, Business, and Estate Preservation needs, 4) Group and Individual Medical Insurance, 5) Educational Savings, and 6) Retirement planning strategies.

Allow us to custom build your desired, efficient and within budget, executive and employee benefit programs. Our well-trained team can safely navigate you through the ever-changing healthcare laws of the Affordability Care Act. We have a rare knowledge of how traditional group medical and health sharing solutions compare.  We also offer fee-based employee benefits reviews for fixed insurance benefits. 

Serving as your advocate, we will assist you with annually updated planning and customized solutions based on your core values. Knowing you are prepared for the likely variables you will face, you will better enjoy the present and face the future with more peace of mind.