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Health Care Reform & Health Care Exchanges

Health Care Reform and the Affordability Care Act's (ACA) Impact on you

1) Health Insurance Basics http//

2) Preparing for 2015 and the ACA


3) Good short video {Magic Market Arwork} The Affordability Care Act {Obamacare} -How will it impact me? [Blue Cross Blue shield of NC - http//

4) Employer Shared Responsibility under the Newly Implemented Affordability Care Act of 01/01/2014


5) How our firm is Positioned to be your Broker of Choice {Podcast} The Likely Development of State Health Care Exchanges in 2013 - 2014 http//

6) Health Care Reform- Intro-Educational Video for Employers http//

This video will also focus on the following. Merely scroll down from the Intro Video to individually view

Plan Design Mandates

Health FSA, HSA, HRA Requirements

Administration Requirements

Plan Sponsorship Issues

7) Obamacare Open Enrollment 2015: Pick the Right Plan This Year