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Client Testimonials

This April 2023 LMFS, LLC began its 30th year. We are so thankful for the privilege to serve our fantastic clients! Here are their personal testimonial experiences of working with us:

Nelson Macedo, MD 
President Net-Neurowave, Surgical Monitoring Services, PLLC

"Bob has provided me with insurance services for many years. He is trustworthy, places his clients interests first and is reliable. He does an excellent work, is personable, and has been very accessible when I need his services."


Gary Glisson, RPh, FACA, FIACP 
President/Compounding Pharmacist at Healthwise Pharmacy of Greenville, NC

"Bob Land is a well informed, knowledgeable insurance adviser. His advice has always been rock solid."


Jay Collier, MBA
Director, Physician Practices Operations at Ohio Health Marion Area Physicians

"Bob provided Long-Term Care planning for our physicians and employees and did so in a manner that was of the highest caliber. He is a consummate insurance professional who is thoroughly well-versed in his products and exhibits the highest level of personal integrity. Bob is one of the rate breed of individuals for whom I give my highest personal endorsement."


Gilbert G. Whitmer, MD
Medical Director, Occupational Medicine Physician at U.S. Health Works

"Bob's Long Term disability planning advise was very helpful to me for financial peace of mind."


Greg Barrow
Owner, Barrow Corporate Real Estate

"I have known Bob for quite a few years and have found him to be a person of high moral standards and a creative business person who works hard to earn your business and to keep it. He keeps in touch with his clients and is constantly offering new ideas to help them."


Kevin Adams
Retreat Director at Camp Willow Run

"Bob is someone I can trust for answers, advice and an honest, professional opinion."


Karyl Marsigli

"Bob is a very sincere person who wants to best serve his client. He provided many policy options and helped guide me through the decision making process to find a policy that best matched my needs. He was very thorough and would spend as much time as needed to make sure I was pleased with the results."


Duane Tolan, CPA
Owner of Tolan CFO | Entrepreneur | CFO to Closely-Held Businesses

"Bob has helped me with disability coverage for years and has done a good job. Very knowledgeable, keeps in touch, and is anxious to do a good job."


Bill Buchanan, CPA
Certified Public Accountant, Certified Valuation Adviser, Experienced Business Valuation, CFO Professional

"I have known Bob for more than 20 years and have always found him to operate with the client's best interests in mind and at seeking innovative solutions to create or preserve wealth."


Jesse Slome

Executive Director at American Association for Long Term Care Insurance

"Bob Land has committed himself for 2 decades to become a talented and dedicated Long -Term Care professional for successful business owners, executives and retirees. He empowers them to plan and define financial success and then enjoy the Peace of Mind of a planned life. He is a regular part of the national trade associations, attends local and national educational meetings, and has specialized and up to date training to assist you to make wise personal planing decisions. I'm sure you'll find his advice is rooted in truly listening to you, his technical education and his commitment to making your plans an extension of your core values."


Jim Lilley
Business Owner, VP at Lilley International

"Bob is knowledgeable about his business and very thorough in his approach to client needs. I trust his advice and would recommend him highly for your insurance needs."


Johnny Bass,CFO
Self-Employed Project-Based Interim Chief Executive Officer & Chief Financial Officer

"I have had the opportunity to get to know Bob on both a personal and professional basis. We are both members of Rocky Mount Business Builders, meeting each Thursday to get to know other professionals and provided each other with business experiences and ideas of how to succeed in business. As a result of getting to know Bob at our meeting, I have had the opportunity to get to know is family and spend quality time with them. I have seen Bob interact with his customer base and his co-workers in explaining the executive benefits he provides. He always advises his customers in a manner that will benefit their best interest."


Jimmy Baker

"I have known Bob Land and have dealt with him for over most of the time that I have been an owner and key person of a small business. He has been very professional in serving us as our agent for health and life insurance. I've also known Bob outside of our business relations on a personal level. He is an outstanding man of character and integrity whom I would readily and highly recommend to anyone needing his services."


Kevin Charles, MBA
Finance Director at Cooperative Christian Ministry

"I've trusted Bob with my personal insurance needs, as well as with the needs of the company for which I work. Both times, I have been very pleased with the level of service and the quality of his work.
Insurance agents often get a bad rap for their lack of moral principles, but Bob Land is as trustworthy a person as they come...he is full of integrity, and he genuinely cares about his clients' well-being."


Ron Jacobsen
Vice President of Operations & Partner (Hotel Management, Development, Acquisitions)

"Bob takes a holistic approach to serving clients and does so from a position of integrity and authenticity. He see's clients through the lens of their hopes, dreams and family versus simply as a policy to sell. He stays in regular contact after the sale and desires the best for his clients. I highly recommend Bob to anyone seeking to care for their family through insurance products."


Neil Gustafson, MBA, MAI
President at Worthy & Wachtel, Inc.

"Bob have served my needs very well since started using him years ago."


Martin Wachtel
Retired President at Worthy & Wachtel, Inc.

"Excellent insurance agent. I would highly recommend him."