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Disability Protection Planning is Priceless

Disability Protection Planning:

Why is a disability the fate worse than death? Watch these videos- and wisely plan ahead:


A Dentist's safety net saves the day :

Disability Insurance Planning Basics To help you wisely plan with simplicity:

Disability Insurance - The basics: Watch Video & read short pdf article:

1) April Holmes - A Track Star's Story {Real Life Story}

2) Humorous & Short Video w/ a Soap Opera Flair "All My Paychecks- episodes 1, 2 and 3":

3) 10 Professional Athletes We hope had Disability Insurance { Video- even pro atheletes are not bulletproof} :

3)Bill Reid - Proper Planning is Priceless ( Real Life Story):

3) Alysia Lim's (real life)story- An Emergency Medicine MD's daughter's perspective:

4) Frank Szatkowsi, DDS- Dentist's Financial Safety Net Holds Fast :

5) Harry Waizer - A Miraculous "9/11" Survivor & His Family Benefit from Planning:

6) Meredith Moore- A Triathlete's Greatest Challange:

7) Are You Protecting the Right Asset ? {Flyer}:

8) Specialized Disability Protection Needs: Higher Income Protection, Athletes, Entertainers, Pilots, etc...:

9) Larry Prier - A Successful Executive - His Wife & Kids tell the Story of Tremendous Value of His Disability Protection Planning:

10) Cindy Wrenn- My Lifestyle & New Home Preserved by Disability Protection:

11) Bill Reid- Miracle man - Smart planning saved his financial day:

12) Louisville coack Rick Patino's interview about injured player Kevin Ware: (interview)

13) Celebrities in 2013 we hope had disability protection: