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Long-Term Care Planning

LongTermCareEducational Videos, Articles & MP3 of the month : April & May 2014

Maria Shriver and Rob Lowe- conversations that really matter about Long-term Care Planning:

Amy Grant (Dove award winning singer) MP3 comments on Care giving for her Mom & Insurance planning:

Susie Orman-regrets not having Long-Term care plan for her Mom:

Amy Grant article: "Life's Unexpected turns are easier if you have a Plan" :

Women and Long-Term Care Planning- single or married women {video}:

Women on their own & Long-Term Care Planning (brochure and article) :

Marilee Driscoll- 3rd Party- Consumer Advocate/ Journalist [video]:

Very Important Long-Term Care Planning Fundamentals-From educational source: "The American Association of Long-Term Care" :

Long-Term Care 101 - Basics to help you & your loved ones plan prudently

A Wife's ( Meryl Comer) Experience:

Maria Shriver { Arnold Schwarzenegger's wife} Long-Term Care Costs even financially bruises the Affluent :

Meryl Comer- spokesman/advocate for caregivers:

Susie Orman {TV Talk show host} - discusses planning ahead, and care giving for her Mom:

Michael J. Fox {Movie Star- "Back to the Future"} discusses Parkinsons:

Christopher Reeve {Superman} Discusses His High Tech Wheelchair on Sesame Street:

Barbara Farzone: A wife's LTC Story:

Barry Shore: Optimism & Planning Prevail:

A Husband's Experience:

USA Today-Caring for Elderly Parents catches many unprepared:

How to Keep a job while caregiving for and elderly relative:

Caring for Elderly Parents-Check list for sibling caregivers:

Having a game plan - and caring for your aging parents:

Education-Bloomberg TV:

Education-Jesse Sloam:

Trading Places: [ MSN TV] "Is Long-Term Care Insurance the Answer?"

William Upton CLU, ChFc- Long-Term Care Alternatives and Solutions - Continuing Education class to CPA's in California {note this is technical -focused towards a CPA audience}:

Charts and reading:

Long Distance Caregiving for a Loved One is hard work :

Long-Term Care {Self Insuring} as an Investment. You do the math: Can you really Invest the premiums and Self Insure? :

Meryl Comer article in PBS- Care Givers Struggles...:

Transportation for Elders: ITN America:

Where can I find Reliable LT Care Insurance? / Kiplingers's Long-Term Care Tip:Video:

Recommended Book: "Stages of Senior Care" :

Recommended Article: "Do You Want To Stay Home (Part 1)"

Recommended Article: "Do You Want To Stay Home (Part 2)"

Recommended Article: "Long Term Care. Definitely A Women's Issue"

Support Resources for Caregivers: website:

Eldercare Locator-Connecting to Your Community Services:

*Bob Land is a two time and lifetime graduate of CLTC professional training { Certified in Long-Term Care }. His instructors were course founder 1) Harley Gordon, JD, and 2)