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Caring Husbands: What Needs to Be Planned for Your Wife?

Women have some special challenges in life, simply by being female. Because the average woman can expect to live to age 80 plus, or 5.3 years longer than the average man, life experiences are likely to be different. With that longer life span comes the question of who will provide care in the aging years, and at what price? While many women may not think about relying on others for care, ignoring the future can carry significant financial and emotional risk. In the October 2004 Assisted Living in the United States Research Report conducted by Bernadette Wright of The American Association of Retired Persons (AQARP), 79 percent of nursing home residents were women whose average age was 85. Because of their longer life span, women should think carefully about including long-term care insurance in their retirement plans.

Planning Charge to Caring Husbands:

1) Consider having some Life Insurance on yourself after the kids grow up and move away, and the house is paid off. Why? Your wife will statistically out live you by 5.3 years. Have some combination of Life Insurance and inflation beating investments to provide for her lifetime. Love provides and overcomes obstacles. We can assist you to create you desired financial outcome.

2) Also, have a Long-Term Care Plan for both you and your spouse. Why? It is one of the most practical ways you can financially love her. Many families end up spending all their savings and retirement plans caring for the husband when he has a long-term care need. When he dies, the wife can be left with little or nothing to live on. Plan ahead and you can avoid this. Having a long-term care plan on you financially provides a professional care giver to help your wife be a care manager, not an exhausted daily care giver. And it also protects family assets and retirement plans to provide for your wife if you predecease her.